An art and design consultancy inspired by culture and place.


· Public Art
· Jewellery Design
· Event Production
· Environmental Design
· Building Design

Becki Chan is a spatial and jewellery designer living and working in Vancouver. Given Becki’s educational background in sculpture and architecture, she has conceptualized and developed environments for both artistic and commercial use.

Becki works on commissions and self-initiated projects. She is excited to dive into art- / architecture- / design-related projects. If you’re interested in collaborating, drop her a line.


Along with Becki's partner, Milos Begovic, She is part of a collaborative, multidisciplinary design practice. Bringing together a wide range of skills and experiences in the fields of building design. While they are very interested in expanding the scope of our endeavours, our expertise is primarily in residential design and brand interior design. They also have a keen interest in developing prototypical dwellings, with a current focus on urban infill. In this respect we are particularly interested in laneway housing for Vancouver. Milbec has collaborated with other design practices, as well, notably working on laneway house prototypes with Graham Barron and Mike Wartman, under the auspices of the Lanewave collaborative.

Visit: MILBEC webiste for more infomation.